Mystery Solved: The Best Way to Vacuum a Room

July 3, 2019

You want that listing to look great and the carpets in the home to have that ultimate fluff. But did you know there are best practices to vacuuming a room?

Start in the far corner of the room. This will help you avoid having to step on the carpet that you already cleaned. “Nobody wants footprints on their fresh vacuum lines,” Jamie Wilcox, brand director at vacuum cleaner company Bissell, told Apartment Therapy in a recent article offering vacuuming tips. Plug your vacuum in as close to the door as you can, and then start in the opposite corner so you essentially vacuum out the door, a vacuuming how-to video at® notes.

Go over it twice. When you go back and forth over a section, you shake up loose dirt, which can then be more easily snatched up, suggests the® video. It will give the room a deeper clean, Wilcox says.

Don’t vacuum in just one direction. Pull the vacuum back the length of the room and then up again at a slight angle, suggests the® video. “If you want a crazy good clean, go over the carpet in all directions so your brush hits the carpet fibers on all sides,” Wilcox says.

Vacuum the upholstery too. A good sweep of the baseboards and upholstery can make a difference too. The direction matters; start with the top of the surfaces first and then go down.

Change the filter. As the vacuum’s canister gets filled up, the airflow will be reduced and it’ll lower the vacuum’s efficiency. “The number one thing to remember as a vacuum owner is to clean or change your filter every few uses,” Wilcox says. “That’s the biggest thing you can do (other than emptying your vacuum) to keep it operating at peak performance.”

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